About Us

We are a foster based, No Kill, animal rescue in Central Illinois. We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs into forever families.

ARROW came about because of experiences we had with other rescues. We saw things we found to be unethical or wrong with regards to decisions about what happened with dogs who were pulled, with the adoption process, and with a sense of competition with other rescues. We thought we could do it better. That is why ARROW was formed.

Just so you know who we are, this is how we do rescue:
We look for animals in need on FB in many different threads. We are also tagged by many others in rescue about pups that they can’t take but think might be a good fit for us. We also take owner relinquishments, we contact Craiglist ads for free to good home and those selling the pups for low prices to encourage them to relinquish to rescue rather than selling to possible dog fighters looking for bait dogs. Some pups come from other states due to our connections with various shelters and volunteer rescuers in those states. Some come direct from the shelters, some stay in temp foster homes in the town where they are pulled. They are transported to us or we go drive and get them. We have to get health certificates for dogs traveling to the state prior to their travel. We bring pups in and deworm them immediately and start their travel to health. Most puppies come with multiple intestinal worms and fleas. Lots of dogs coming from animal shelters come with kennel cough, pneumonia, parvo and others serious medical conditions. We have all dogs seen by the vet for an exam and to resolve any issues currently going on. Some dogs stay at our home, some go to other foster homes we supervise. We put dogs on Petfinder and share on Facebook. We accept applications and check their employment, landlord, personal and veterinarian references. They are allowed to come meet the dogs in foster homes after approved application. We do a home visit and meet the family. Or we bring the dog to their home for the home visit at the time of adoption. After they are approved they pay our vet directly with their adoption donations, which covers their vetting, or in a lot of cases, part of the costs. Then the dog goes home! We check on all dogs several times after adoption via email, Facebook and phone if needed. And we are here for our adopters for the life of the pet. That is how the Slown’s do rescue. We are sure there are many other ways it is done. We just happen to think this is the right way.

We are located in Normal, IL about 2 hours south of Chicago and 2 hours north of St Louis and 3 hours west of Indianapolis. We are a foster based rescue so we have several other foster homes in Illinois who are taking care of our dogs until they are ready for their forever families. Our minimum adoption donations range from $250-$350. All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, fecal tested, dewormed, and flea preventative applied prior to adoption. When you adopt form us you become part of the ARROW family for life. We are here for you to contact for help with any issues with your dog. We welcome Facebook and email updates with photos and of your adopted pooch because we really do care for each and every one of them! We require an application for adoption prior to meet dogs in their foster homes, and a home visit prior to adoption. We try to make your process as simple as possible and typically review applications within 48-72 hours.

We also offer a pet finding service. If you don’t see the pooch of your dreams on our wall or Petfinder, then PM what you are looking for including age range, breed preference, size and sex of the dog you are looking for and we will find dogs that match your wants and send you pictures of them from the shelters they are in currently. We will then arrange a transfer to either your home for foster adoption, or to one of our foster homes. They will be fully vetted and stay with rescue for 2 weeks to ensure they are healthy. Then you will complete your adoption!

We value our Facebook friends and community! We couldn’t do it without your shares and donations! Our adoption donation checks are written to our vet to pay for the vetting of the rescue dogs. We rely solely on donations to provide food, collars, leashes, pee pads, bleach, laundry detergent, treats, dewormers, gas to go pick up dogs from animal control and other shelters, and other needed items to actually care of the dogs while they are with our rescue. Please consider sending a bag of dog food to us or paypal us some money to continue to do what we do!