Arrow Dog Rescue Volunteer Gear

Arrow Dog Rescue Volunteer Gear

Want to look official at our adoption events and fundraisers? Or maybe you just want to have a conversation starter with others so you can spread the word about Arrow Dog Rescue and our mission to save dogs that others leave behind? Maybe you just want a cool shirt…every dollar raised will go to the veterinary fund for the dogs of our rescue! Cool shirt:Cool cause WIN WIN!

Arrow Dog Rescue saves dogs of all kinds but we specialize in dogs who have severe medical and behavioral needs, the dogs other rescues don’t take. The hopeless cases. Dogs who have thousands of dollars in surgeries or medical expenses to get them well. Dogs who are feral, or have been abused by every human they have met. We don’t find dogs that will be adoptable. We rescue dogs and rehabilitate them until they are adoptable. This t-shirt campaign is meant to raise funds for those tough cases like Hank, Rose, and Remi.

There are two different shirts available, click on the pictures to get that shirt!

shirtpurple shirtred


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