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Sweet Pup Abandoned In Parking Lot Howls For Days, Finally Gets Rescued

Every dog has its day, and thanks to some truly kind folks, one down-on-her-luck pup finally got hers.

A dog was abandoned in a Sam’s Club parking in Memphis, Tennessee in early December, as shown in the video above. The confused pooch stood there for days, howling as she desperately waited for her human to return. They never did.

“This is an area where animals are dumped,” Kimberly Slown, of Arrow Dog Rescue, an Illinois-based organization that recruits volunteers all over the country, told The Huffington Post. “Dogs often times will stay where they are dumped in the hopes that their family will be back for them,” she added.

Mary Murphy, who had successfully rescued a few Memphis-based dogs for Arrow Dog Rescue, was leaving Sam’s Club on December 9 before work when she spotted the dog peering into car windows. She found out from the Sam’s Club staff that she had been there for about a week.

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Success Story – Remy

Success Story – Remy

Remy was on the feeding route of a local volunteer who fed dogs who lived on Houston Texas’ East End. Gina made it her mission to gain his trust and get him to safety. When she finally caught up with him he was living under a car that was broken down on the street. He had fungal and bacterial skin infections and severe demodex mange as well as internal parasites and intestinal infections and he was only a puppy.

Gina took him to her vet and got the medicine he needed and he went to stay with Peter, who fosters dogs for local rescuers and then drives them north when they are healthy to rescues that are able to place them. Remy was one of the longest fosters for Peter, he stayed from October 2013 to Sept 2014 before he was well enough to transfer to a rescue. He came to Arrow the first week of September 2014 and went to Troy’s house for foster. Remy did not get along with one of their dogs so we tried to find another foster home for him but when he went to visit he growled at their dog and peed on their table. Troy and Dawn took him back home and he ended up becoming bast buddies with their dog. He kept waiting while all of the other dogs were adopted around him.

Then the thing everyone who met Remy ever wanted for him, a family with a 5 year old boy wanted him. Remy had his own boy. After being invisible on the streets just trying to survive, he finally had his own family. And he lives happily ever after now.




Success Story – Beatrice

Success Story – Beatrice

Bea was rescued with her sister Bernice from MCAS in Conroe, TX. She was only 6 weeks old,

Bea when she first arrived

Bea when she first arrived

and had mange and severe worm infestation. Her sister died from anemia the day after being rescued. Bea held on and arrived to Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels – ARROW with a huge bloated belly from Coccidia and no muscle mass at all. She was skin and bones. It took weeks to get her Coccidia under control. Once cured, she gained weight and muscle quickly. She was tiny, and we expected her to stay tiny but that is not what happened! She was adopted once healed and right after arriving started growing like crazy. She was gaining a couple of pounds per week and her legs started getting longer too. Madi and her Mama had to work hard to learn a routine and to become a pack. Madi had trouble with potty training once home and would pull so hard on the leash she was hard for her mama to walk. Her mama did exactly the right thing and took her to training. Now they are enjoying their walks and Madi is fully potty trained! This little girl would have been euthanized or would have died in the shelter had we not intervened for her. Madi is a beautiful dog and she is now living happily ever after in her very own home

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