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Tell us about the people in your home:

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Children’s Names and Ages

Tell us about your residence:
 Own Rent House Apt./Condo Duplex

Tell us about you yard:
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Tell us about you fence:
 Not Fenced 4 foot 5 foot 6 foot over 6ft

I have:
 An extra bedroom Finished Basement

My home has stairs:
 Yes No

If you have a rental, what are the size and breed restrictions at your rental?

Tell us about your experience:

Have fostered before?
 Yes No

If yes,with which rescue?

What is your experience with dogs? Check all that apply.
 Have adopted rescue dogs
 Pet sitting experience
 Grew up with dogs
 Have some training experience
 Have lots of training experience
 Am in animal health career
 Have experience with puppies
 Pregnant/Nursing mama dogs
 Large dogs
 Small dogs
 Potty training
 Leash training
 Basic Obedience

Have experience with dogs that have special needs? Please explain.


Please provide the Name, Phone, Email and Years Known for three references (only one can be family member):

Employment of all applicants: Employer, Phone Number, and Years Employed

Landlord/Condo Management: Company Name, Phone Number, email address


Tell us about the pets in your home:

Please provide the dogs name, breed, age, and weight

Please provide the cats name, age, and if they have been around dogs.

Any other pets?

Are all of your pets up to date on vaccinations?
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What is the date of your dog’s last Bordatella vaccine?

Are all of your pets spayed or neutered?
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Are all of your pets on flea preventative?
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Heartworm Preventative?
 Yes No

Have any of your pets been picked up by Animal Control?
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Tell us about the dogs you want to foster

Weight range:

 Male Female Doesn't Matter

Are there any breeds you will not foster?
 Yes No

If Yes, which breed or breeds?

Are there any behaviors you will not consider?

Many of the dogs that come into foster care are not potty trained. Are you prepared to potty train a dog?
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I am willing to foster a dog: (Check all that apply)
 For less than a week
 For several weeks to a month
 For several months
 As long as it takes to find a home
 Last minute (less than 24 hours notice)
 Prefer 48 hours or more notice

I have experience with the follow breeds:

Do you have experience with: (Check all that apply)
 High energy dogs
 Low energy dogs
 Pregnant and lactating dogs
 Deaf dogs
 Blind dogs
 Adult dogs
 Senior dogs

I am also interested in:
 Donating needs items to the rescue (will purchase own dog food for fosters)
 Volunteering by calling references
 Transporting dogs to/from vet appointments, foster parents, adoptive homes
 Participating in making items for sale for fundraising
 Providing supplies from my business
 Organizing/implementing fundraisers

Anything you would like us to know about you and your family:

By digitally signing/typing your name you agree that you give ARROW permission to contact all references listed on this application.
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