Boxer - Spaniel - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium
Spaniel & Boxer Mix


  • Age: Adult (about 6 years)
  • Sex:Female (Sterilized)
  • Weight:35 lbs
  • Size:Medium
  • Color:Tricolor with brindle


Annie is a lover! She loves humans, big and small. She loves bones and treats, so she eats them alone in a crate. She loves to sleep on a bed on the floor in her foster mama’s room. She loves to play with other dogs a lot, and can be a little insistent if the other dog doesn’t want to play. Annie also loves cats…TOO MUCH. She will fixated on them, and not stop looking at them for anything. Annie cannot live with cats or other small furry critters because of her love for them. Annie loves to get her belly rubbed and to snuggle with her humans. She loves to be a part of the family, to go for walks and to live the active life a boxer/spaniel mix needs to live to be happy. Annie has separation anxiety, she does NOT love to be left by her humans. She is happy at doggy daycare, but she is miserable at home. She has tried training, medication, exercise, and every other possibly thing to change this but she just cannot be left without her family. Annie would be a great companion for a family with a stay at home mom. She really needs to have a fenced yard because she will chase a squirrel or rabbit (or the neighbors cat) if she were to be outside of one, but she doesn’t try to jump over the fence at all. Annie is 6 years old, and she is still full of energy which isn’t a surprise for these two breeds. Are you a runner? She might be your best running buddy if you can run where no cats are distracting her. Do you love agility or flyball? She might be the dog to train for that. Have another dog that is just never tired? Annie will be happy to keep them company and wear them out. Annie was adopted from a shelter as a puppy, and returned when she was 5. She was then adopted by the family who put a lot of money, effort and time into trying to train her so she could stay in their family but they just could not. The shelter agreed to allow her to go to a rescue rather than be returned and euthanized at the shelter; a common practice for twice returned dogs at a shelter. Annie deserves a family who will be able to stick by her from now until her natural death, hopefully not until she is 15 or 16…or maybe even more. She deserves to give her love to someone forever. The previous family was heartbroken they couldn’t help her stay, they loved her and would love updates if her forever family is willing to share them. They also would be happy to talk to you about their experiences with this lovely pooch. That is how you know this is a wonderful dog. If you have no cats, have an active dog 25 lbs.+, if you stay home, work from home, or plan to use doggy daycare for any time you are not able to be home, if you have a fenced yard and a forever home for Annie, please contact us! to meet her. Her adoption donation is $275, and is paid directly to our vet’s office via credit card over the phone or check by mail.

All dogs are fully vetted and healthy at the time of adoption. All of Annie’s records including vetting and training are available for you to look at as well. Annie is being fostered in E. Central Illinois with another dog and teenagers. She would love to meet you!