Labrador Retriever Mix


  • Age: Senior (about 11 years)
  • Sex:Female (Sterilized)
  • Weight:70lbs
  • Size:Large
  • Color:Black

Special Needs:

Asha has mobility problems due to her her arthritis. She would do best in a home with no stairs. It would be very beneficial for her to continue to get her daily supplements, as they have helped her tremendously.


Asha was a stray in a small rural southern animal control where the animal control officer said, “we might as well put her down, no one will come for an old dog to adopt or rescue”. We just didn’t agree and had to save her. ARROW found a temporary foster home for Asha and we got her out the morning of her final day.

Asha is probably 10-12 years old and is the happiest dog on earth. She has some arthritis which does cause mobility issues, stairs are not her friend, and she says a big NO when it comes to them. She does manage the small steps in and out of her foster’s house, but that is about it. Asha would fair best in a ranch style home so she can follow her people around and not be stuck at the top or bottom of the stairs. She loves to be around people and loves children. Asha is fine with other dogs, and we doubt she would have an issue with cats. Even if she did, she wouldn’t be able to catch one. She would be happiest in a family without a lot of chaos and noise. Asha would be excellent with gentle children and would make a perfect reading buddy for a small child, as she would listen attentively and loves any attention she is given. You will never find another dog that is so excited to see you when you come home. When that large jet black plume of a tail gets going, there is no stopping it! She may not be able to run and jump around to show you her happiness, but you will see her love in so many other ways. By the way, did we tell you that Asha means hope? She is hoping for you to come and meet her. She would love to be a part of your family forever!

Asha will have had a complete physical, blood tests, and all of her immunizations updated before adoption. We were hoping to place Asha quickly so she could settle in with her forever family and not miss a single minute being the spoiled, loved baby she deserves to be. Unfortunately, Asha has been with at her foster home for nine months now. Would you like to meet Asha and add her to your family? If you currently have pets, they must be up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and on preventative, indoor pets, and spayed/neutered. A home visit is a part of this adoption process.

Asha’s adoption fee is adopter’s choice due to her age and special needs. Adoption fees are used to pay for a dog’s vet bills; we ask that her adopter considers this in their donation. Asha will go home with a month’s worth of any medications or supplements she is on, food, collar, and a whole countries worth of love and hope. She is fostered in central Illinois.