Great Dane - Pit Bull Terrier - Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium
Great Dane & American Pit Bull Terrier Mix


  • Age:¬†Adult (over 1 year)
  • Sex:Male (Sterilized)
  • Weight:55 lbs
  • Size:Medium
  • Color:Brown and Black


Have you been waiting for that one dog that just really reaches out and touches your heart? You want a long, depressing story? Meet Max.
Max was a puppy in April 2016 when he first came into the animal control in Southern IL. He was a young puppy but already the misery had begun. His first owner physically broke Max’s leg due to blunt force trauma. He had a huge, awkward cast until it finally healed.

He had a foster mom for a short time while he had the cast but the foster mom had some medical problems and had to bring him back. She said she would come back and adopt him. For months the shelter networked Max to every contact they knew and no one would take him in, because he is black and has a pittie look to him.

Family #1 A family with a baby and a cat came in and adopted him. They even brought friends and family to meet him before taking him home. About a month later the a.c. found out that he was returned to the next town over. He was tied to the fence at animal control with a note that said “sorry max, our landlord wouldn’t let us keep you.” Max had chewed through the leash but remained at the fence waiting for them to return.

Family #2 the lady that fostered Max found out he was back and came and adopted him as soon as she could get to the shelter. She was a single mom with two girls and was thrilled to adopt him. About a month later some random people brought Max to the shelter and said that he was given to them by some man that found him. They gave a bogus address and very little info. Ran the microchip, sure enough, it was Max. They called the owner and she said he had gotten loose several times and she just couldn’t keep him.

Family #3 lady with PTSD said she would love to take max in. She hated that he had an unfair chance at life. Said she was found to have him trained as her PTSD service dog. About 3 months later guess what? Phone call from the animal shelter at the next town over, Max was there. Owner said she decided she wanted a younger pup to train.
So there was Max is, back “home” at animal control. He loved the animal control officers as he felt they are his true family. He was thrilled to see them every time he returns.
Max is about 1 1/2 years old. He is neutered, chipped, and vetted. He has a limp from the way his broken leg healed. He loves people and seems to get along with other dogs as long as they are good to him. No owner ever claimed aggression to people or other dogs was the reason he was returned. His black coat has faded into an almost lightly faded brindle pattern.

And now that he has arrived in our rescue we can tell you that he is a gentle, sweet, loving, wonderful dog. He is happy, curious, and playful with other dogs, whether big or small. He listens well to others dogs about how they want to play and adapts. He is currently in a foster home with a 15 lbs Lhasa Apso, and he gladly lets her boss him around. He is house trained, easy on a leash, has tiny little feet for such a big head, and each foot has polka dots on its toes. He curls up in the car and enjoys something to chew on for a trip, you will forget he is even in the car. He is a pretty quiet guy, and he is curious about cats but doesn’t seem to have a single aggressive thought or feeling in his huge heart. This is the dog that has always deserved the happily ever after and yet through no fault of his own over and over people failed him. Fortunately, the shelter staff didn’t fail him, they found our rescue and asked us to take him in. Now it’s your turn to NOT fail him. Please only apply if you can make a commitment to him for the rest of his life which could be 15 years. Will you find housing for the next 15 years that allows Pit Bulls (because that is all anyone sees when they are fearful of them)? Will you make sure you watch to see if his limp gets painful so that you can see about some pain medications for him as he ages? Will you give him a soft bed either of his own or shared with a human? Will you make sure he is safe when he is outside by being on a leash or in a fence with supervision? Can you come up with a backup for if there is an unforeseen emergency in your future that makes you temporarily or permanently unable to care for him? Will you love him until his final days? If so, we want to talk to you.

His adoption fee is $275, and he is healthy, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and flea/heartworm preventative given monthly. He is being fostered in North Central Illinois, and is available for adoption within a 5 hour drive of Normal IL.