Adoptable Medium Special Needs
American Staffordshire Terrier & Boxer Mix


  • Age: Adult (about 1 month)
  • Sex:Female (Sterilized)
  • Weight:49 lbs
  • Size:Medium
  • Color:White

Special Needs:

Niya was brutally abused and being used as a bait dog prior to coming to our rescue. She has come a long way, but she still will need an understanding family who will help her continue on her journey out of her fearful world. No small dogs in her forever home.


Niya’s story can be found at

Niya is a 1-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix who has DNA results with the full details of her breeds. She was rescued from a shelter, after having been surrendered by someone who abused her and used her as a bait dog. Niya was 8 months old when she arrived and she was so scared of everyone that she peed and froze. She had to be carried everywhere she went and it took months to gain her trust and help her learn that humans are good. Niya loves other dogs of all kinds, but she should not live with any under 40 lbs because she sometimes forgets her own strength and has hurt two small dogs. She is great with cats and would like a home with a family experienced with special needs dogs. Niya still does not walk on a leash, but with a fenced in yard, you will have plenty of time to work on that with her. She is house-trained and must have a crate in her forever home. Her crate is her safe place, and she will retreat there as needed to gain confidence and come back. If we didn’t have her DNA test we would have said she was a White German Shepherd/Husky mix, with her blue eyes and her soft plush fur. She is a lover of a dog and needs a family who doesn’t yell. She is afraid of a bunch of odd little things: Treats in their bag, anything long raised over a person’s head…and common things like Large Loud men, especially hispanic/brown skinned ones, dogs who are aggressive in their approach to her, new people, and new situations.

This is a very special dog who will only go to a very special person. All of our “special” dogs must allow lifelong visits by the co-presidents of the rescue, allow for a long transition including foster care prior to adoption, have one other similar sized physically playful dog, no children under 14, experience with scared/formerly abused dogs, continue on heartworm preventative for life, work with a trainer to aid in transition to your family, send pictures and updates for the rest of Niya’s life, and be huge hearted loving and patient people. Please know that Niya has been dearly loved from the moment she arrived and has come so far, her foster family will miss her but knows she deserves a home where she can get more attention. The family who takes Niya into their hearts will be forever changed. She is forgiveness walking on four legs.

Adoption fee: $275
Niya is fully vetted and healthy.