Success Story – Remy

Success Story – Remy

Remy was on the feeding route of a local volunteer who fed dogs who lived on Houston Texas’ East End. Gina made it her mission to gain his trust and get him to safety. When she finally caught up with him he was living under a car that was broken down on the street. He had fungal and bacterial skin infections and severe demodex mange as well as internal parasites and intestinal infections and he was only a puppy.

Gina took him to her vet and got the medicine he needed and he went to stay with Peter, who fosters dogs for local rescuers and then drives them north when they are healthy to rescues that are able to place them. Remy was one of the longest fosters for Peter, he stayed from October 2013 to Sept 2014 before he was well enough to transfer to a rescue. He came to Arrow the first week of September 2014 and went to Troy’s house for foster. Remy did not get along with one of their dogs so we tried to find another foster home for him but when he went to visit he growled at their dog and peed on their table. Troy and Dawn took him back home and he ended up becoming bast buddies with their dog. He kept waiting while all of the other dogs were adopted around him.

Then the thing everyone who met Remy ever wanted for him, a family with a 5 year old boy wanted him. Remy had his own boy. After being invisible on the streets just trying to survive, he finally had his own family. And he lives happily ever after now.




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