Please complete our Foster Application if you are interested in helping and we will get back to you.

Emergency/Temp. Fostering-1-4 days, often needed because we come across rescue situations where we have to intervene immediately and it takes a day or two to find a longer term foster home. Or we have a day before the foster is getting back from a trip.

Regular Fostering-Average 2 weeks to 2 months. We keep all dogs coming into our rescue for a minimum of 2 weeks to be sure they are healthy. Some dogs already have adopters lined up before that 2 weeks is over. The remaining typically find homes within 2 months.

Pregnant/lactating mamas and their puppies-We ask that fosters commit to the whole time it takes for mama to deliver and raise her puppies. Some go home in 8 weeks but we prefer to keep puppies until 10 weeks to give them time where their mamas can teach them dog rules. Most of this teaching occurs after they wean their puppies. This commitment could be from a month with those puppies when they arrive up to 4 months. We have not had a litter where the puppies weren’t all adopted by 8 weeks or within one week after. The moms also were adopted at the time of the puppies.

Long term/hospice fostering-When dogs come in that are very old, or have terminal illnesses, we look to loving families to keep them in one home for the duration of their lives. These situations are variable, but require commitments of 4 months to several years.

Training placements-Some dogs come in with severe behavioral issues. Perhaps they came from a puppy mill, or a hoarding situation. Maybe they were abused. These dogs need trainers who foster. We are always looking for people with dog training experience to help us save dogs that need more than what most foster homes can provide.

All foster placements are at your discretion. If at any time you cannot or do not want to continue to foster a dog, we will take it back as soon as possible. We ask you to keep in touch with us always about any little or big issues that might be happening because our experience is that with just little adjustments in routine, food, training and exercise can make a placement work out. 2 days and 2 weeks is our rule. You have no idea who a dog is for the first 48 hours. What you see is the shock and adjustment period. Around 48 hours you start to see the real personality of the dog. It takes a full 2 weeks for a dog to adjust enough for you to start to see their bad behaviors in general. But they also settle in well by this point typically. We provide everything you need to take care of the dog in your care. We provide food, vetting, crate/pen, pee pads, toys, collar, leash. You provide love and discipline. You post pictures and videos and descriptions of the good stuff about the pup. We share those posts to our rescue page. We encourage our fosters to be as involved as they are comfortable. Fosters can return email inquiries about the dog, call potential adopters, call references, have meet and greets in their homes, even transport dogs to their final homes. Or they can do NONE of the things and just do the part of loving and caring for the dog in their home.