Transport & Assistants

Transporters and assistants

  1. Drive dogs from rescue to foster or adoptive home. (30 miles to 100 miles)
  2. Pick up dogs from animal shelters/owners relinquishing/or meet other transporters in a long transport and drive the dogs to rescue or foster home. These can be from 30 miles to 300 miles depending upon what you are willing to drive. If you can donate your gas costs, we are grateful. If you can’t drive without costs covered, we are happy to do that as well.
  3. Drive dogs from one foster placement to another. (2 miles to 100 miles)
  4. Donate gas cards, or cash to the rescue to provide funds for those willing to drive but unable to donate.
  5. Provide overnight accommodations for a transporter who does a long trip in your home. Make a new friend :)
  6. Provide overnight or short term housing for a dog on a long journey with transport that couldn’t go straight through. (could be as short as ½ hour because transporters couldn’t arrive at same time up to 12 hours while transports stop so drivers can sleep.